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Genmar Risers - Motorcycle Handlebar risers


Motorcycle ergonomics and the Genmar riser
Genmar Riser Super Store

We all love our motorcycles. But we have to admit that the stock motorcycle is lacking as far as comfort and rider ergonomics. Motorcycle manufacturers are offering newer additions to their bikes. They are offering adjustable hand and foot controls but they still do not offer custom adjustments for the riders seat and handlebar height. Typically most motorcycles are built with a certain body type in mind. Typically a 5'10" male is the norm that manufacturers use when designing their motorcycles. So what is a rider that is taller or shorter of fatter or thinner to do to adjust the bike to make it more rider ergonomically friendly? some are purists and do not think you should modify the motorcycle, hog wash. If your motorcycle is uncomfortable to ride, then what is the point? why did you but it? If you have a motorcycle that is physically comfortable to ride, you will enjoy riding the bike more and be able to ride for longer times and distances. Rider comfort is essential and the one thing the motorcycle manufacturer do not address. There is hope, has the solution for you that will not empty your bank account. What is it? Well, is the Genmar Handlebar riser.

Genmar Risers - the best modification for your motorcycle

Genmar Risers are motorcycle handlebar risers buils for current motorcycles. They are machined from billet aluminum a given a back anodized or brushed aluminum finish. And what is the best feature of all is the price point. The Genmar Risers cost around $90 USD. This is the most cost effective motorcycle modification you can do to your motorcycle. This is the first mod we suugest our customers do before they start spending hundreds of dollars on other solutions likes seats, peg relocation and lowering kits. The Genmar Risers will raise the motorcycle handlebars upward and back towards the rider. The stock look remains the same and the reason the handlebars come back towards the rider is due to the angle or rake of the front forks. So raising the stock bars keeps the stock angle and thus maintains the even weight distribution across the riders wrist and hands during turning and braking. Raising of the bars will help to relieve the weight that is on your hands. The higher bars will also make your riding position more natural and upright. An upright position means less strain on your neck and back due to being leaned forward and riding with your head angled up to see forward. By raising the bars with the use of Genmar Risers, you adjust your riding position making your rides more comfortable and enjoyable.

Genmar Risers - a little bit goes a long way

Some key points to note are that the installation of the risers can be done by anyone with aptitude in handling a wrench. The risers raise your handlebars to the maximum your motorcycle will allow. There is no need to remove or change any of the controls on the handlebars. The stock cables can be used with the Genmar Risers. The handlebars will not hit the fairing or the fuel tank when turned full-left or full-right.

Genmar Risers - real life uses

The simplicity of these Genmar risers is amazing. This simple motorcycle part can transform your motorcycle from a painful riding beast into a pleasurable riding experience. My personal experience is that I purchase a stock Kawasaki ZZR 1200 Ninja. This is an excellent motorcycle, however there were two problems related to riding comfort. One: The stock seat was hard and very uncomfortable and the forward leaning aggressive riding position was putting stress on my wrist, neck and lower back. After about an hour I had to stop riding, my write and hands were partially numb, my ass and back hurt too. The seat was the first thing to go. I purchased a custom Corbin saddle which lowered my seat height about an inch. This was a great improvement but it cost alot of money for the seat. I still wanted to get the weight off my wrist and hands so I decided to add the Genmar Risers for the Kawasaki ZZR1200. The installation of the Genmar Risers took 15 minutes. I realized after riding that the bolts were loosening so I added loctite and torqued the bolts correctly this time. Always double check your Genmar Riser installation a few times after riding. The Genmar Risers allowed me to keep my stock cables. I did reroute the throttle cable to the inside of the front fork just to give me a little extra slack. Once this was done, the bike became a tourer in that I could ride for hours in comfort. Note, that on the Kawasaki ZZR 1200, you can also double stack the Genmar Risers to get two times the height. will supply you with the longer bolts required to make this custom Genmar riser work.

The Genmar Risers are made for the majority of Sport bikes makes and models. There are also Genmar Riser for the Dual sport, Off Road and Cruiser motorcycles. The cruiser demand for the Genamr Risers is on par with that of the Sport bike community. is an authorized dealer of the complete line of Genmar Risers. You can view our Genmar Riser application Guide here to see if there is a riser for your motorcycle. You can also browse all of our Motorcycle handlebar riser by clicking here to view our catalog.

Genmar Risers - newer applications

Genmar Risers are keeping up with the demand. The current new Genmar Riser Releases cover the following motorcycles:

Genmar Risers - Conclusions

Genmar Risers are the best modification you can make to your motorcycle. Bar none. The adjusted ergonomics and lowe price point make this a win-win solution for all motorcycle riders. This is why is the premier Genmar Riser dealer on the net.

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