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Lloydz Victory Fuel Control Module VFC

This is a road report of the very popular Lloydz Victory Fuel Control Module. Also known as the best mod I ever made to my bike.

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After reading about the Victory Fuel Control module, I finally got around to installing the Lloydz VFC on my own Victory Kingpin. This was mainly after I spoke with the head-tuning technician at Lloydz motorworks -- Lloyd. I went over my 2004 Victory Kingpin's intake and exhaust configuration. He then proceeded to give me the recommended tuning position for the module. The VFC basically is a plug and play computer module that ties into the Victory motorcycle fuel injection system. It allows the tuner to add more fuel to your engine to offset the lean condition that is common with the bikes coming right from the factory. Why are they tuned lean? To meet the Environmental Protection Agency's EPA emission requirements. This is the same agency that wants to drill for oil in Alaska's state lands.

The main motivator for me to perform this install was that I did not have to return to the dealership to have my computer remapped to the Victory stock mapping. With my bike's configuration, the programmed Victory Stage I mapping would work just fine with the VFC module. The install was a 1/2 hour job. Hardest part (not really) was removing the fuel tank. Next I had to disconnect the negative battery cable and install the VFC by plugging it into the two fuel injectors. Finally I had to tie wrap the loose wires and reinstall the fuel tank then reconnect the negative battery cable. Prior to the install I dialed in the 4 tunable dials, or pots, according to the recommendation of Lloyd.

For reference here is the configuration of my 2004 Victory Kingpin configuration: - 2004 92ci Freedom 5-speed Kingpin. - Stage I mapping -- Note: Lloydz mentioned that in my case, the Stage I mapping would be ok to keep. - Stage I Slip Ons - Stock Air Box with 3/4" holes (2) drilled in the front of the box to get a more direct airflow. - Idle set to 950 RPM - K&N Air Filter PL-1500

- New Lloydz VFC module specifications.

The recommended dial settings for my bike's configuration are as follows. GREEN - 3 o’clock YELLOW - 4 o’clock RED - 3 o’clock 4th or Cross-over Pot - 8 o’clock

After a few test rides and then a full 2-day charity ride across Maryland. I have noticed the following:

- The bike runs great! - The surging at cruising speed or light throttle has stopped.
- The backfiring and popping after rollout have stopped. - Pinging on acceleration is gone. - Jerky throttle is no more. - The bike now feels like it has more power and continues to pull on throttle roll-on.

I plan to take the Kingpin up to Carlisle Bike Fest next month and have Lloyd tune her in perfectly for me. Then hand him his very own K.E.G. T-Shirt.

In my opinion if you are going to do any modification to your bike, I suggest you add Lloydz Victory Fuel Control Module (VFC). You will find further information and reviews of this modification at the Kingpin Cruisers Victory motorcycle web site.
Lloydz has raised the bar when it comes to providing high quality aftermarket performance parts for your Victory Motorcycle. Several others try to copy the Lloydz performance, but in the end, there can be only one!

With the offering of an S&S customer tuned Ari Box for the 2008 and up Victory Motorcycles, to the new Victory Fuel Controller Generation III model. The sky is the limit for tuning out your Victory motorcycle to make it a true performance beast. You can increase your stock Victory motorcycle from anywhere up to 11 to 25 horsepower -- all depending on the configuration of LLoydz performance parts added. has the real world experience to assist you in purchasing the correct and optimal Lloydz parts for your motorcycle. We also can suggest parameters on which to set some of the fuel modules to match your bikes configuration. From setting and dialing in the Victory control module, to adding the Idle Air Control Valve and Dual Torque Intake Tubes. To cap off the Trifecta of Victory performance parts, also offers the RPW performance exhaust for your Victory motorcycle. The combination of RPW and LLoydz parts is the optimal bang for the buck for increasing your Victory motorcycle's performance footprint.

Lloydz Victory Motorcycle Airbox for 2008 and up models
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